Network Neighborhood... (inofficial Efnet #VisualBasic page / faq place) (soon)
Christoph Oellers (1 Desk right of me)
Matt Hart (Visual Basic Help)
Mallodog (Visual Basic Help)
ShadowRam (Nice Pages)
Delta Konzept GmbH (The Company where i work)
Chris Hülsbeck
Koala (Keito Ito) (very nice Pages)
David Griffiths (Java Applets and nice Pages)
Ego Software (coolest Game Company in Aachen ;-)
WaldCafe ("Internet Cafe" in Austria)
Andrea Rokosch
VbArea (sources and links)


Microsoft (aren't we all Bill's Slaves?) ;)

Stuff... (maybe interisting :)

Gamelan (Tons of Java Demos)

National Links

WDR (L1VE) German Radio
SWF3 German Radio